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1-on-1 coaching and consulting for leaders and ambitious business owners

Grow your business and advance your life by maximising your impact as a leader.

  • Master the psychology of leadership and influence, that will allow you to build and lead a thriving company
  • Leverage your vastly improved leadership skills to improve other important life areas: family, relationships, health, contribution
  • Master the psychology of productivity
  • Harness the power of self-awareness. Discover the ins and outs of how your psychology works and how you can leverage it to your advantage

Become a leader that:

  • Knows how to build and manage confident teams that will take your company to the next level and beyond
  • Knows how to empower teams to smoothly manage projects without continuous hand holding or manager oversight
  • Knows how to build a company culture that brings value to customers
  • Leaders and ambitious high achievers looking for a no-compromise solution to maximise their impact in business and life.
  • Busy professionals with little time.
Books, courses, conferences, they are all great. But there is a huge gap between understanding something and actually implementing it in your specific situation.
How do you actually implement what you’ve learned?
Besides, with so many trainings and books on all kinds of topics that you would benefit from, which one are you going to pick? And how are you going to stay motivated to go through them all? And once you get stuck – and you inevitably will – are you going to figure it all out on your own?
With 1-on-1 sessions you don’t have to work through a ton of material to get to the parts that really matter for your particular situation. Now you can just go straight to the specific topic that is most important for you and your business right now, work with an expert to get to the bottom of it and start making changes right away.

1-1 coaching is for you if:

  • You are looking for someone with the right credentials and experience and not some self-proclaimed “coach” that is actually just an entrepreneur in disguise making money off generic advice.
    Credentials + experience = certainty that you’re in the hands of an expert.
  • You are capable and willing to acknowledge your strengths and face your shortcomings. If you’ve been around the block a few times, you know that at crucial times the only thing that is holding you back is you. Imagine the possibilities if you break through your barriers and turn your shortcomings into strengths.
  • You are looking for someone that truly understands the art of listening. You don’t need someone that forces you into a generalized framework or theory. You need someone that knows how to align with YOU. Someone that helps you develop your own wisdom. Someone that is unbiased and non-judgmental. Someone that gives you unconditional support when the going gets tough. Someone that gives you the right input at the right time. If you are a top player, I don’t have to tell you that an unbiased expert at your side is simply invaluable.

Leadership coaching & consulting is NOT for you if:

  • You are not looking to reach your potential, grow your business and advance your life.
  • You are the kind of leader that is not willing to do what it takes. If you are not committed to taking action, no one in the world can help you.
  • You have endless hours to spend on books, courses, trainings and if you are willing to spend years trying to find out how to piece it all together through trial and error. And still come to the conclusion that 1-on-1 sessions would have gotten you so much further.
  • You can’t check your ego at the door and think you’re always right and everyone else is always wrong. If that’s the case, first of all you are missing the point and second, we’re definitely not going to be a good fit. Whoever you are, whatever situation you find yourself in, you always have a part in it.
  • You are just looking for tips, tricks, quick-fixes, magic bullets and other generic fluff. Personal growth and development is a process that requires patience. If you are not ready for that, you haven’t fully committed to what you want.

What’s in it for you?

Work with a licensed and highly experienced psychologist so you can be certain you’re in the capable hands of an expert1-on-1 situation analysis helps you pinpoint exactly what is going on in a given situation and what you can do about it.

  • Waste no precious time on random trial-and-error efforts that get you nowhere
  • Don’t spend most of your time feeling down and worried if you’re going to make it, go back to having a life for yourself
  • Discover psychological barriers and sticking points that you’re not even aware of and break through them or make them work to your advantage
  • Come up with better solutions to the problems you face on a day to day basis
  • Understand what is going on in any given situation and how to handle it
  • Make tough decisions and take action that matters

I’ll help you to:

  • Master your personal psychology: discover the blueprint of your psychology, learn to understand how your thoughts and feelings are affecting you and others around you and how to optimise it for vastly increased performance and influence
  • Master the psychology of influence: learn how to understand why people do what they do and how you can change it. Learn how to work with different personality types: you don’t talk the same way to a dominant person as to an insecure person, perfectionists, etc.
  • Master the psychology of productivity: more energy, less worries, better time management, clear on your values and purpose, clear on your goals and how to get there.
  • Learn how to eradicate conflict and create a thriving corporate culture. Your employees will feel great, love to come to work, feel part of a tribe and contribute more than you ask for. That means less time wasted on unnecessary conflicts and more time spent on growing your business

50 personal 1-on-1 sessions of 45 minutes over the course of 12 months.

Sessions can be used however you decide: one at a time so we can focus on your day to day situations or multiple sessions back to back if there is something specific you want us to work on together (for example creating or revisiting the vision and mission of your company, crafting a plan of action for the next 12 months, redesigning your lifestyle, helping you to get clear on your values and desires, in-depth explanations of the intricacies of human psychology and how it applies to your business etc.). I’m open to many possibilities, just ask what you want to do and I’ll try to accommodate you as best as I can.
You can meet me in person in my office in Antwerp or we can do Skype sessions (audio or video) if you’re too busy and don’t want to waste your time traveling to my location. In between sessions I can be reached by email for quick questions. Usually you will have an answer within 24 hours. The fee for 50 personal 1-on-1 sessions is €35 000.

What you can expect:

  • Unconditional and non-judgmental support: it gets lonely at the top and you don’t always know who to trust. Those days will be over.
  • No fluffy woo woo BS. And no homework assignments that leave you feeling like you’re back in grade school. Yes there will be work to be done, but this will be direct real life work that will have an immediate impact on your current situation. I call these “real world results assignments”.
  • No motivational ego pump-up sessions that make you feel you are going to conquer the world. These always end up with the worst hangover ever once you come down from your EGO trip and reality hits you like a brick wall.
  • No BS promises telling you everything is possible, right now and with next to no effort.
  • Access to hundreds of proven tools, tactics and strategies to help you with the challenges you face. Yes, the arsenal is vast.
  • Straightforward communication. I’m not afraid to call a spade a spade, that’s what you pay me for. Don’t worry, I’ll do it with elegance.

How much more could you achieve if you master the thoughts and feelings that drive your actions?  What the truly remarkable have, is a highly skilled leadership coach at their side.

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“You will also gain a deep understanding of how other people’s psychology works and you will learn to see through the social conditioning of today’s society.”

– Serge Maes –

Serge Maes

Serge Maes