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Serge has a masters degree in clinical psychology, postgraduate credentials in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis and a number of other credentials which he thinks are too boring to mention. Oh, and he also graduated cum laude at Fotoacademie in the Netherlands, one of the most prestigious photography Institutes in Europe. He’s worked at a number of therapeutic institutions and for the last 16 years he’s been running a thriving private practice as a psychoanalyst and leadership coach.

He has a strong passion for personal development and when he’s not working with clients or building his business, he’s out chasing light for his personal projects, shooting nerf guns with his son, lifting heavy iron and making noise with guitars.

His clients include business owners, high impact creatives and anyone looking to turn life into art.

Do you know what separates you from the most successful people in world? They have control over their psychology. They know their thoughts and feelings drive their actions. So they work with the best experts to master them.

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“The best leaders have a crystal clear understanding of who they are and they understand how their psychology works.”

– Serge Maes –

Serge Maes

Serge Maes